Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you need simple commercial refrigeration service or a total system replacement, we are happy to help you. Contact Bishop Air Service today to find out more about our commercial refrigeration services, discuss your needs with our staff, and give us the opportunity to assist you. A broken commercial refrigerator can quickly turn from a small misfortune to a huge disaster that can cost a business hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To protect food from perishing, restaurant and grocery owners need to call a repair service as soon as possible. Bishop Air is the trusted, Las Vegas heating and air conditioning company that can service all of your refrigeration needs as well.

Your One-Stop For Refrigeration Needs

Here at Bishop Air Service, we are proud to offer service for all of your refrigeration needs. Our experienced team is ready to come assist you with commercial refrigeration service, repairs, or new installation. Even when disaster strikes, Bishop Air Service will be ready to help you!

Experience Is A Must

Unlike some commercial refrigeration repair services, Bishop Air Service only believes in employing workers that know what they are doing. Our hand-picked team has been carefully trained and has experience working with a variety of commercial refrigeration systems. When you do business with Bishop Air Service, you can expect to be treated with respect and courteousness from our team.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Regardless of the size of your problem, Bishop Air Service is ready to help! Our highly trained team of experts will come to your home or establishment, inspect your system, and then begin with the commercial refrigeration repairs. We are able to involve you in as much of the process as you are comfortable with, explaining the situation and giving advice, but ultimately allowing you to make the important decisions.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Sometimes, commercial refrigeration systems are simply too far gone to repair or will cost more to fix than their initial cost; situations like this may require you to purchase a new unit. Here at Bishop Air Service, our team has experience in all types of commercial refrigeration installs, and will be happy to help you get your new system up and running. With Bishop Air Service, you can rest assured that your new commercial refrigerator will be installed properly and as soon as possible.

Quality when you need it!

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