Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating Systems

Solar Hot Water HeatingAt Bishop Air, we offer solar hot water heating systems that can significantly cut down on your heating bills. When customers are tired of paying for natural gas or high electricity prices to heat their hot water, solar hot water heating is a good alternative to consider. With our solar hot water heating solutions, the power of the sun can be used to heat the hot water in your entire house – which can drastically cut down on your utility bills. Our systens heat hot water and convert it to space heat using top quality heat exchangers.

Solar Pool HeatingSave Money With A Solar Heating System

Solar Hot Water Heating
Heat domestic hot water with solar energy and save up to 30% off your energy bill.

Solar Space Heating
Both hot water heating and space heating can be achieved with solar, saving you even more money.

Solar Pool Heating
Heating your pool with solar will save you big money and extend your pool season.

Services That We Provide

  • Solar thermal system design and engineering
  • Installation of solar systems
  • Solar system service and repair
  • Heating and cooling sales service and installation
  • 24 hour emergency

Solar Pool Heating Systems: Pool & Spa

Solar Pool HeatingSolar pool heating makes it possible to heat up the water inside a swimming pool or spa. This works for both outdoor and indoor pools. With solar pool heating, homeowners can stop having to pay for more expensive methods to heat up the water in their pools. When trying to heat up an entire pool full of water, it can take a lot of energy to make it work. With the help of the sun, homeowners can do it cheaply and quickly. It’s a common sense method to use, especially when you are in Las Vegas and the sun is out almost every day of the year.

How It Works

The concept is simple; solar energy is a free source of unlimited heat.
Water is pumped through a solar collector where heat is collected and delivered to a storage tank to be used as energy for your home or commercial building.
Unlike solar electric systems, solar thermal systems harness the energy directly as heat, and use it to provide energy in the form of heat. That heat is then used to augment a home or commercial buildings domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating. It is by far the most efficient way to harness the sun’s energy.

Solar Heating Diagram

Solar Energy:

  • Is the most abundant source of energy in the world.
  • It is Reliable and 100% renewable.
  • It is the most environmentally friendly way to heat your home, office, pool or domestic hot water.
  • It can substantially reduce or eliminate your heating costs.
  • It will protect you from ever rising energy costs.
  • It will make you more energy independent.

Money Saving Energy Systems

If you are tired of throwing money away on unnecessary utility bills, why not call Bishop Air today and start taking advantage of the powerful sun’s energy in mostly sunny Las Vegas?

Start With A Consultation

If you are interested in saving money using the sun’s energy, Bishop Air can help. We bring years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, as well as vast knowledge of how solar thermal systems work. We can come up with a custom solution for your home or business to help reduce energy costs. Bishop Air begins the process by doing a consultation at your home or place of business. We evaluate how well your heating system is working currently, and then determine what it would take to be able to provide you a fully functioning solar heat system.

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